The Worldview Upgrader by Gapminder

Fighting misconceptions though data

by Trends Staff

The Worldview Upgrader is fun educational tool that wants to tell you what you are probably wrong about. It was created by Gapminder, a well-known Swedish organization with no political, religious, or economic affiliation. Their mission is to fight global misconceptions through the use of reliable data. They accomplish this by asking questions to people all over the world and compare their answers to trusted data sources like the UN. This helps visitors consider that their opinion of the world might differ from reality.

Users can take short quizzes, usually about 5 questions long in length, on common misconceptions about the world. The institute encourages visitors to take the Unites States quiz. It can be found by selecting The Americas under Counties and scrolling down to the bottom of the page. The UN Goals section has several interesting subcategories to click through. With a perfect score being unlikely, visitors might leave the site with a slightly different perspective thank before.

Gapminder was founded by Swedish physician, statistician, and public speaker Hans Rosling. Since Rosling’s passing, Gapminder has continued through his son Ola and Ola’s wife, Anna. Additional data visualizations and tools can be found on Gapminder’s website including Dollar Street, where visitors can watch everyday life of households across the world.