Kim Shugart

Kim Shugart: Senior Vice President, Visit Tri-Cities


Kim Shugart​

Senior Vice President, Visit Tri-Cities

It’s hard to believe that the end of 2018 is already upon us. It is perhaps even more surprising that in just a few short months, the Benton Franklin Trends website and supporting newsletter will celebrate five years in existence. The Benton-Franklin Trends website provides information on a wide variety of topics across ten categories. It is sponsored by the community and presents information from a neutral perspective. The newsletter is produced quarterly and the subjects are selected by a steering committee for their relevance. 

The committee does not always agree on the topics to be featured, causing some debate; which is a healthy way to ensure that the content remains balanced and fresh for you, the reader. In this edition the subjects that rose to the top include: employment by age group, food insecurity, and homelessness. Next quarter’s topics will move on to other relevant topics, so stay tuned. After you read this edition, I encourage you to spend some time poking around on the website. There is a gold mine of data, and you will find yourself referring people to it frequently as you travel through the community. Enjoy.

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