County Health Insights

County Health Insights: A Data Hub for Eastern Washington

Although the Spokane Indicators Project is local in scale, the data we track are part of a larger global context. Local issues we are concerned about, such as health, population, food security, and education are also international issues. As such, there are also organizations and publications such as Our World in Data that track similar indicators on a larger scale. 

As we ask vital questions about the Spokane region, such as air and water quality, Our World in Data allows us to examine air and water quality on a global level. 

For example, we can see the urban and rural disparity regarding access to water sanitation. Connecting the dots, across the globe, rural areas suffer higher rates of poor hygiene in relation to water sanitation. Looking at data through a global lens can help explain and make better sense of local data.

In Spokane County and eastern Washington, thanks to the Spokane Regional Health District’s Data & Reports website, you’ll find a lot of unique local data. Not just local data, but very specific to the topics and issues affecting us locally.  

While the Data & Reports website has a lot of unique data for the Spokane area, the County Health Insights: A Data Hub for Eastern Washington website, provides data in eight health-related categories for the following counties: Adams, Asotin, Ferry, Lincoln, Pend Oreille, Spokane, and Stevens.  

With each county offering over 50 different indicators that can be compared amongst the seven counties offered, the County Health Insights (as with all the data the Spokane Regional Health District offers), we think you enjoy the great resource for local health data.  

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